Book Spotlight: Different Strokes by Nico Jaye

Different Strokes [Ebook]

Different Strokes by Nico Jaye

Categories: Contemporary,  Gay

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

When his regular masseuse is called away on a family emergency, Tomas does not expect Darren, her temporary replacement, to be such an attractive distraction. Tomas has always been a serious, no-nonsense type of swimmer; after all, elite competition leaves no room for unprofessional conduct. However, he finds it extremely difficult to stay on the right side of the professional line with Darren tending to his needs.

About Nico Jaye

Nico Jaye thinks reading is awesome and loves that she can hang out night after night with crinoline-wearing debutantes, brawny firemen in suspenders, and werewolf shifters with Scottish brogues. After spending time doing stuff (yes, very mysterious stuff!) in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, she now lives in her native San Francisco. An overall feline enthusiast, she may or may not have a cat named “Nico” from whom she borrowed this pen name. She can be found online chit chatting about cats, popcorn for dinner, spontaneous trips to Iceland, and boys who like boys at any of the following:

Twitter: @nicojaye

If you’d like to read more by Nico Jaye, then please feel free to check out her website for online freebies and additional info about other publications. Happy reading!


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